Monday, June 30, 2014

The 2 composers who composed for D'Arte Ensemble to play on 18 July, Friday at 7.30pm at Sabah Art Gallery

Wong graduated from Dpt. of Music in Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA), major in composition, minor in piano.  He attended Xi’an Conservatory of Music under tutelage of China renowned composer Prof Rao Yu-Yan and obtained Degree in Music, majoring in composition. He completed Piano Variations – “Variatons on a Theme of Malay Folk Song” in his abroad period. Wong since then serviced as Choir & Symphonic band conductor, and actively work as a music composer and arranger back in Malaysia.

In year 2004, invited by PCCO Malaysia to rearrange “ Liu San Jie “ Musical which staged at Malaysia Bkt. Jalil Indoor Stadium. In year 2006, rearranged “Huang He Cantata” for choir and symphony orchestra, and collaborated with local and internationally renowned vocalist performing the pieces.  Wong  also  the Conductor for the event. Year 2009/2010, invited to participate in “Forumplus” - local composer music concert which organized by Malaysia’s Music Lover Philharmonic Orchestra. Year 2010,   two percussion compositions was commissioned and world premiered by Best Percussion Group. Year 2011, Butterfly Lovers for Music, Dance, Video Art commissioned by Malaysian famous dancer Lee Swee Keong. In year 2012,  invited to participate in “Hark ! the songs of homeland” - Malaysia contemporary new art songs concert which organized by Chin Yong Music Festival.   

His music has been performed in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia, Singapore, Philippine and Malaysia. Wong is currently a lecturer of  Malaysia Institute of  Arts, Music Department.

His composition:

Sabah, a fantasy theme

Wong used the one we all know the name of Sabah Kadazan folk song as a theme for his  composition. The composition is divided into three parts, each part has a distinct style with the folk song theme. The second part is the dance and the last part used modern idea for performance.

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