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Kota Kinabalu String Music Festival 2015 (3rd Edition) - 14th - 16th September

Photos taken during Kota Kinabalu String Music Festival 2014 (2nd Edition)

The Jesselton Philharmonic Orchestra (JPO) is proud and honored to present the Third Edition of the Kota Kinabalu String Music Festival (KKSMF), which will be held over 3 days from the 14th until the 16th of September, 2015.  The KKSMF was organized in conjunction with the celebration of Malaysia Day.  

Due to the overwhelming response and success of the first festival which was held two years ago, and the even greater success of last year’s second festival, the JPO has once again taken the initiative to organize this festival to continue its mission of enriching the musical landscape of Kota Kinabalu.

JPO would like to warmly thank our sponsors for their generous support and financial assistance.  These include an anonymous donor, and also Prelude Music Sdn Bhd and The Sabah Art Gallery. 


This festival will be held at the Sabah Art Gallery (SAG).  JPO is again grateful to SAG for providing this magnificent venue for the festival.

Program and Events:

The KKSMF will feature many string workshops and master classes, and two concerts on the final day.

Objectives of the Festival:

1.  To bring together children/students from all different walks of life who all have the common interest of improving their level of playing and sharing their common interest of playing a string instrument.

2.  To provide workshops and other programs that are designed to cater for the different levels of playing a string instrument, from elementary to advance level.

3.  To increase the awareness of the intrinsic value of string music where people can learn to appreciate the beauty it brings.

4.  To bring about integration amongst different communities and to outreach to the underprivileged by providing these workshops and programs for them.

Participating Groups:

The participating groups include members and students of the Jesselton Philharmonic Orchestra, Sabah Tshung Tsin Secondary School String Ensemble, Kian Kok String Orchestra, JPO Training Orchestra, Jesselton String Program, Kota Marudu Skycommunity Strings Orchestra, Sabah Institute of Art, UMS and Eastern College.


1. Festival Concert - Collaboration of JPO and SAG

Date:  16th of September, 2015
Venue:  Sabah Art Gallery
Time:  2:00 pm
Ticket Price:  FOC

A performance extravaganza free to the public to attend!   Featuring all of the participating groups demonstrating some of the best of what is learned and offered at KKSMF.  

2.  “Back to the Future” Concert – Featuring Yap Ling & Friends, .

Date:  16th of September, 2015
Venue:  Sabah Art Gallery
Time:  7:30 pm
Price:  RM30 for public tickets, Festival Participants FOC.

This concert was envisaged a few years ago when a group of past and present students wanting to perform together with their fellow musician friends and teacher. Over the years, we have started planning and managed to find a suitable time of the year to make this a possibility. The primary objective of this concert is to share what we all love with as many people as possible and at the same time having fun collaborating together in the name of music. Most importantly, we are also doing this for the purpose of charity. In this case, the Educational Outreach.

The title “Back to the Future” is used because the whole group consists of present & past students and pianists who accompanied Yap Ling. Performers: Yap Ling (violin/viola), Yap Qin (violin), Yap Yi (cello), Grace Lee (piano), Joshua Tang (violin), Teck Wan Teng (viola), Chong Eugene (Cello), Lisa Chia (violin), Lee Chan Ning (violin), James Lau (Harp), Hu Wei Ung (oboe).

Opening the concert is the Schumann Piano Quintet in Eb featuring Yap Ling's family and Lee Chan Ning. Yap Ling and friends will end the concert with Mendelssohn's vibrant Octet in Eb.

Workshops and Master classes:

Throughout the 3 days of the festival, the participants will be attending free workshops where they will have the opportunity to learn with a renowned experienced international teaching faculty. The workshops are designed to cater to all different levels of playing levels from elementary to advanced.

In Closing:

Everyone is warmly welcomed to watch any of the programs that are arranged at the venue.  The only fee is for the Back To the Future concert, with tickets to the general public at only RM30.  The participants within the festival are encouraged to attend this concert, free of charge.   As of this writing, there are over 210 participants confirmed!

Thank you all for your kind support, and together we shall make the Third Edition Kota Kinabalu String Music Festival an enjoyable and memorable experience for all those involved!

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