Wednesday, October 12, 2016

JPO Chamber Music Concert - Theophilus Tan (Pianist)

Theophilus has been raised up in the culture & environment of a musician in his young days, as both of his parents are accomplished musicians. He has slowly learned, harnessed, & encourages himself to enjoy the beauty & sweetness of music unlike his younger days where he thought it was a duty & chore to him. Music is now his joy & passion, & has become a lifestyle & enjoyment to him. He has developed a distinctive ear for the sounds, pitch, &, tones of music, & aspires to work towards improving in his gift of hearing.

He has scored a distinction for his “ABRSM Grade 8” piano exam. With an astounding high distinction, he has been invited to perform at the “ABRSM High Scorers” concert back in November 2015.  He teaches piano & the guitar, & is currently sitting for his guitar  & ATCL piano diploma exam next year.

He has an excellent ear, which has given him a boost to do sound recording/mixing for his church events. He has done a ‘music scoring’ for his church’s ‘behind-the-scenes’ video in 2016, & aspires to excel in this field of music.

He has been selected for an intensive masterclass course at the “Yehudi Menuhin School” in UK, which will be held this year in December.  Apart from teaching music, he also works with his mum to run a centre, which prepares private students for higher education.

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