Wednesday, October 12, 2016

JPO Chamber Music Concert - Lee See Ling (JPO Concertmaster)

Born in 1984, Lee See Ling (Grace) started learning piano at the age of 5. She picked up violin as a second instrument a year after. After graduating from secondary, she furthered her study straight to UK and pick up violin as her main instrument. She was awarded the Robert Marchant String Scholarship as a first year student and thereafter won the award every year. Grace was very active in all grounds of musical performances during her years abroad. 

Grace was appointed as concertmaster for the University Chamber Orchestra and Gilbert and Sullivan Orchestra since her first year. She was also invited to lead the University string quartet by the professor joined by three very talented senior students. Grace was appointed as concertmaster for the University of Hull Symphony Orchestra in her second year and never failed on earning the title by auditioning it again each year. Through her hard work, she was praised locally in the newspaper of Hull & East Yorkshire. Grace graduated with a BMus(HONS) and MMus from the University of Hull, UK in 4 years of learning, having studied violin performance with Barbara Parham, Richard Quick and ensemble performance with Dr. Lee Tsang and Dr. Elaine King. Grace kept a busy schedule while study abroad involving various orchestra and piano accompaniment. During her last year abroad, she puts together a charity concert combining Chinese music with Western Instrument in aid of Hull City Council. Having returned home from UK, she was invited to perform in KLPac for the Ismail Musical Performance. Concert master for the Australian Week with the KLPac Orchestra and also perform as a soloist and together with Mr Phang Kong Chien and Lee Shiak Yao (Malaysia well-known Tenor and Conductor) at Klang Music Festival. Besides, Grace accepted a year contract with University of Technology Mara Shah Alam lecturing in string method and also as their pianist for the vocal students. 

After a year in Malaysia, Grace accepted another offer to further her career in Singapore since year 2010. Serving as a Senior Teacher in Edvox Music School. She served as a music producer for Talento XI, putting together two orchestras and a junior string ensemble. Together they held a theme concert of World Music, in the year of 2011 in Singapore. Grace never stopped her performing journey while teaching. She was often playing in gigs as a part of string quartet or doing accompaniment for others. When she returned from Singapore, she served as the Tour Manager for Time Ensemble(an international project vocal ensemble consists of young elites from all corners of the world) during their project in Malaysia and Singapore in July 2012. She was also the Klang Chamber Choir's violinist touring and performing with them from West Malaysia to the East Malaysia. Grace moved to Kota Kinabalu, and brought in the Time Ensemble to Kota Kinabalu as one of their South East Asia stops in 2014 and raising the music scenery in Sabah to another level. 

She now joins the Music Programme of Fakulti Kemanusiaan Seni dan Warisan-Universiti Malaysia Sabah, serving as a full-time lecturer. And also a violinist for the Selangor Symphony Orchestra.

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